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The Beginning

Nancy Wabwe and Jaquan, Atlanta Days

Oh Mehnn, it’s the Po Po!!

I hope they are no roaches in here


The police care about cockroaches in this country

Is it illegal?

Nancy couldn't get over the heightened stress her American Beau Jaquan was stirring up in their Hooptie of a Hyundai (or some type of car)

By now she knew he was an easy target- chocolate skinned big dude

He started throwing out pieces of rolled-up stuff with fragments of what looked like grass

Before you judge, this was way back in the day when weed was illegal, Nancy did not know the difference.

She was so undocumented- raised in Uganda- fled due to unmentionable economic challenges, stopped over in the UK- now in Hotlanta- US. She had their 6-month-old baby in the car seat-Nancy and Jaquan were in a real love not so immigration-based marriage.

Yep! the Cops waved them down and a very worked up Jaquan blurted out……. baby its weed

You mean roaches are weed she yelled - how could you do this to us?

A few days ago Nancy had recognized a new taste in his morning kiss, several trips to the store throughout the day-------nothing

He said it might be acid reflux, and she didn’t mind the break from him on his store trips.

"Ma’am calls someone to pick you up, the Cop said, and “did you know he has other charges?”


Distraught Catholic upright Nancy had never known anyone who went to jail and was too new to the nuances of racial inequality, the other ki

She wept as she called Jaquan’s big brother—he wasn’t surprised-

Is he at it again?

At what?

What were all these people talking about- my Bible Teaching Baby Calling handsome husband Jaquan (he called me baby in that southern drawl I melted- Nancy kept explaining- he called me baby)

What is he at- again?

The beginning.

For Nguwha, who won.



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